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Winter Wedding Flowers

Winter. What more can be said? There is white everywhere, what better season to have a wedding in than winter? Well, the flowers will say summer because they prefer the heat, however, there are incredible winter wedding flowers. Some of the most common ones are: Holly, Poinsettias, Evergreens, and Roses.

Even with these four simple flowers you could create a master piece of a scene. The greatest thing about winter is the fact that the snow makes the flowers stand out even more. One common theme I always run into during weddings is the idea that flowers make or break the wedding. They set the mood for what is about happen. What better mood setter is there than mistletoe?

It doesn’t matter what the season is, people are always trying to have Mistletoe up somewhere, but you don’t even have to worry about the Mistletoe being odd or out of season because it will be in season and make the love in the air that every bride wishes to have.

You know those moments you see on movies, the ones that make it seem as though life is a fairytale, well this can become true if you add a little Mistletoe to the wedding. Imagine the bride and groom dancing across the floor and somehow someone raised mistletoe up over them and then they realize that they are supposed to kiss. Little romantic moments like this will make the bride feel like this moment, day, man were all meant for her.

Enough about Mistletoe, that is just one flower what about the other winter wedding flowers Ivy, Amaryllis, Freesia, Magnolia, Hydrangea, Carnations, Snowball Mums, and Gardenias? All of these flowers can play a major part in the wedding to. Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to give people a break from all the dead plants and trees out in the snow, by inviting them into the reception hall and show what great beauty there is in life.

The over lying theme during winter when it comes to flowers is usually red, white, and pink however what about a little Anemone, and Forget-Me-Nots to add in a little blue? There is all sorts of possibilities that can come into play when planning a wedding around the season of winter.

These winter wedding flowers are just a brief view of what any bride would want at her wedding, make sure you make the flowers complement the bride and the color scheme, this is one thing that a bride should consider before choosing her color scheme. What color are winter wedding flowers? Will they match my theme if I choose it to be this color?

Don’t ruin the wedding by over looking the theme and color of the flowers until the last moment. This is one thing that should be checked far in advance when things can change easily. If you still aren’t seeing any flowers you really like you can also consider Jasmine, Daffodils, Cosmos, Tulips, Waxflower, Bells of Ireland, and Ranunculus. These are all great white, pink, an green flowers. Just don’t go to overboard with one color, there is a fine line of balance between having all one color verse having a variety of colors.

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