Wedding Flowers

Flowers are important. There are those times in life where you need flowers there to make the moment. Whether it is on Valentines Day or on your Wedding Day flowers are a must. Wedding flowers are special, they have to last the whole reception, be easy to work with and bring out the beauty every bride wants on her Wedding Day. There is a countless plethora of items that require flowers at a wedding. To make life easier we are going to list the most important ones.

You must have the right wedding flowers for the park, church, and reception hall all planned out. In these areas people are coming to see how great the bride looks. There is a fine line of balance between getting enough flowers to complement the bride verse getting to much or to little to contradict the bride. There is a need to have all the flower colors to be able to bring the bride to the focal point. Not the other way around, where the flowers are the only thing you notice.

Next are the bouquets. Theses are really important. Not so much for the people coming to the event, they will see the bouquets that much is true, but they will most likely just get a glimpse of them. Why the bouquets are so important are for the pictures. These make or break the pictures. Once again, you want to make sure that you have the right amount of flowers in each Bouquet. You do not want to many that make it impossible to see the bride or the bridesmaids. At the same time you want enough to the point that they will show up in the pictures. There are three types of wedding flowers bouquets you are going to need. The Bridal Bouquet, The Bride’s Throwaway Bouquet, and the Bridesmaids’ Bouquets.

Boutonnieres, are the next accessory to consider. You are going to need Boutonnieres for the Groom, The Groomsmen, Fathers of the Bride and Groom, and the Ushers if you have any. These Boutonnieresare different than the ones that you would get for Prom. At Dances like Prom, and Homecoming you want small Boutonnieres that will last the entire dance. At a Wedding, you want the big ones, that will stand out in the pictures, will say to whoever is looking these men are ready to behave, and belong in a formal event.

If you have Boutonnieres you also need the Corsages for the mothers. These wedding flowers are important. Even though the Corsages are for the pictures also, these end up being a lot more special than that. These are the flowers that the mothers deserve for letting their daughter or son go. If you are going to go cheap on any of the flowers, these are not the ones to do it on. Not only is this The Brides Day, it is also the Mothers Day. Make the wedding much more special, by getting the best Corsages for the mothers.

The last two accessories are important, but not as much of a Need as more of a Want. Which are the flower petals for the flower girl if you decide to have one, and the flowers for decorating the wedding cake table or just the wedding cake itself. These wedding flowers show up in the pictures, and make the event even more of the fairytale every bride wants, however, they aren’t as much of a Need as the flower accessories previously mentioned. If you decide you want these flowers make sure to remember that we are trying to complement the flower girl and cake with the flowers not overkill them. Use Cake Mix Coupons and Philadelphia Cream Cheese Coupons, and Coupons for Butter to make the most delicious cake for less!

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