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Chamelaucium ( Waxflower )

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Chamelaucium ( Waxflower )

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The Geraldton waxflower, known botanically as Chamelaucium uncinatum, originates in Australia. It's a member of the Myrtaceae family and is kin to eucalyptus, myrtle and leptospermum. A popular filler flower, waxflower grows on shrubs that can reach heights of 12 feet. Used as a colorful alternative to gypsophila, waxflower features small pink, white, crimson or lilac flowers and tiny leaves that resemble pine needles on slender, woody stems. Many varieties have an appealing lemon scent.

Availability and Vase Life

December through May. 7-10 days.

Design Uses

A delicate, airy filler for arrangements. Waxflower is also an attractive vegetative cover for floral foam. The delicate flowers are well-suited for bridal bouquets, nosegays and corsages.

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