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Springtime Flowers

Nothing says spring like a walk through the neighborhood and being able to smell the first blooming trees and flowers. It is great to live in a place where there are changing seasons. Each fall it seems like that is the best, then comes the winter holidays with their exciting traditions, but when its time for spring again, really there is nothing like it. all the types of flowers that pop out at different times, and the snow is melting from the trails, windows open and its nice inside and out.

Easter is a holiday that kicks off the spring season, traditionally with the like named Easter Lillies. Other types of flowers at Easter time are tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. A Christian holiday that comes from the resurrection of Jesus continues to be celebrated by non-Christians by the symbolism of new life and beginnings; nature is mirroring this in its natural cycle.

When the reluctant finally can’t deny the good weather and jogging shoes, its springtime again while this exercise routine also gets a new beginning. By the third week, stomach cramps are less, endurance is stronger and finally there’s less huffing and puffing to enjoy the bright greens and all spring types of flowers.

Jogging for a little while past Easter, is another holiday that is built all around sharing flowers and other greenery. May Day began in the pre-Christian era, in European and Celtic civilizations as a rite of spring. There are legends tracing it to honor the Roman goddess of flowers, Flora. Otherwise it is credited to pagan rituals. In the years around the fifteenth century, it was the main point of the holiday to welcome spring. May Day is the marker of the end of the winter months. Many accounts describe the typical May Day with community members, especially the ladies, out among the hills picking all types of flowers and branches and collecting them in a basket. These flowers would decorate the local homes and other places. There was dancing around the Maypole, which was also decorated with ribbons and types of flowers. Throughout the years, this took on specific traditions with types of flowers in different countries and areas of the world.

In Hawai’i, the Lei is honored, French give Lilly of the Valley, and wreaths in Greece. Some countries continue to celebrate it as Labor Day, however not in the United States. More contemporary thoughts of May Day are sharing flowers with neighbors and friends, if it is remembered at all.

Whatever the preference of holidays, a nice spring day is enough to celebrate. The movement from one holiday to the next, and preparing for warm and relaxing summer months, hopefully there is enough material to be distracted from the moving feet and the muscle aches. Jogging shoes can still be good friends and take us to the places where we can gather a handful of stems or a basketful of our own blossoms. The types of flowers that show up through the changing seasons into summer can keep on making it the best season yet.

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