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Summer Wedding Flowers

Snapdragons, Black-eyed Susans, Daisies, Roses, Calla Lilly, Forget-Me-Not, Sunflower, and Orchid what do all of these flowers have in common? Well, not only are they all flowers, and beautiful, but they are also the perfect summer wedding flowers.

Summer is the busiest time of the year for wedding markets. No one knows why it ends up being that way, maybe it’s because of all the beautiful flowers in the air, or because people are following the way of nature and in spring fall in love. It could just be because the sun is always out, and makes everyone in a better mood, however, my personal beliefs pin it on the flowers.

Nothing makes a girl feel special than flowers. Lets be honest summer wedding flowers just scream to the bride that the day is all about her. There is always something beautiful in a flower, but, how much more beautiful would it be if there were countless flowers people can have?

Those summer wedding flowers I mentioned above are just a few of the flowers that are in season, some others are Stephanotis, Gerbera Daisy, Peruvian Lily, Zinnia, Poppy, and Peony, all of which can be found in our list of flowers. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have a wedding bouquet made up of an enrichment of colors? Having all the bridesmaids, not wanting to let go of their bouquets because of how beautiful they are? These are moments that every bride wants.

There is no offense meant to the other seasons. Spring, Fall, and Winter, but lets be honest winter is meant for sledding, spring is meant for babies, fall is meant for the changing of the colors. Which just leaves summer for weddings.

Another great bonus of weddings in the summer is the fact that it is easier for the family to come. With school out for most of the younger kids, it makes it a lot easier for extended family to consider coming to the wedding just because they don’t have to jump through hoops for their kids.

Summer wedding flowers, seem to come out on top of the list than any of the other wedding flowers by season. Even though spring has some nice flowers that come up, they still can’t compare to summers variety. Also, this is the season for tropical wedding flowers. Anything tropical that blooms in the summer is beautiful. This offers even a greater amount of variety to summer flowers.

There is one downfall to summer wedding flowers. This can become a huge downfall also. That is the variety of the flowers. I know I said this a great thing but if you abuse it, it can ruin your wedding. If you clash the wrong flowers with each other, no matter what you do, you have ruined the way the reception hall looks. Not only that but you can spend hours upon hours getting the perfect flowers for your wedding, and they will be perfect, but this gives you a chance to forget something important, that you would have had time for if you didn’t spend so much time on those summer flowers.

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