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Corner Corner

Summer Brought Roses and Students Helping Build a Small Business

Summer is the season when the roses come out. Spring brought tulips and final exams and suddenly, school was over for Jeff, John, Scott, and Wyatt of Spanish Fork, Utah—at least until the next fall. For the previous school year, they had been working as part of a local search engine optimization team. The managers, Rich and Ron, called these four the “Linkers” for their work and for their team spirit. As the Linkers, they started off almost on the level of high school interns, learning the ins and outs of everything from Internet marketing to outsourcing. Over that school year, they started saving up for college and other future plans, but also began to learn what they would need when summer hit. Because roses weren’t the only flowers to blossom that summer. In fact, an entire Flower Dictionary did.

In addition to the day-to-day networking and research responsibilities that the four Linkers shared, Rich and Ron lent them some of the managerial power to help train them up in business management and Internet marketing techniques. Because these four worked at a small business where every employee counted, they found that they were shouldering burdens that larger businesses would reserve for much more experienced workers. This proved no problem for their adolescent ambition, however; as with the Flower Dictionary, every project they touched took off and started to fly.

So what is the Flower Dictionary? Well, as a repository of flower names, flower meanings, and all types of flowers, it is a useful resource for budding horticulturist or lover alike. Jeff, John, Scott, and Wyatt each work as asset managers for the various websites held by Rich and Ron’s company, and the Flower Dictionary falls right in line with those. Wanting to build a site that could be easily monetized but still provide valuable content, they each tackled their usual responsibilities with extra gusto to get things falling into place. Scott, the liaison with overseas engineering firms, helped head out the actual nuts and bolts work after Wyatt, the king of ideas, research, and marketing got things in place. Jeff and John helped as well, often coordinating with the engineers and content developers to make sure things were running on schedule. In fact, Jeff and John do most of the asset management, since Scott’s liaising and Wyatt’s research dominate a lot of their time. Still, each one gets to do a little of the others’ projects as they work as a team to make things happen.

So during this summer, roses blossomed, for sure, but so did all types of flowers. So did Jeff, John, Scott, and Wyatt, under the excellent tutoring of Rich and Ron. Working full-time (sometimes late into the evening or early in the morning), they developed amazing skills and a quality website. And for the future? Well, with school back in session, they are back to part time work. The thing about the work that they do, though, is that it all builds on the past. Each project completed is another skill learned, and those skills will serve them well through college, job searches, and employment and beyond.

Corner Corner