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Becoming Experts: Students Help Make Flower Website and Small Business Success

Most high school boys have limited expertise with flowers. Their skills extend to asking for help from their moms to match a corsage to their date’s dress. Some develop enough talent to know when a girl wants a rose, and what color—and then they pick one up from the local supermarket. For Jeff, John, Scott, and Wyatt of Spanish Fork, Utah, however, that expertise goes a little bit further. Instead of spending their summer hanging out with friends and dreaming of dates, they got down to work and became the experts who built the Flower-Dictionary.com.

Now, they weren’t necessarily flower experts or even know most types of flowers. Actually, Jeff, John, Scott, and Wyatt became experts in something almost completely different. They became Internet marketing experts. They form the backbone of a search engine optimization team at a small business in Spanish Fork, Utah, where they also help to manage some of the company’s web assets. Under the supervision of the managers, Rich and Ron, these four high school students are developing skills that are fun but also augment their transcripts and skill sets.

Jeff and John take the lead in most of the asset management. Rich and Ron of course maintain oversight in the big picture, but they tend to let the younger pair tackle most of the day-to-day work. Jeff and John have held this job for over a year now; while Rich and Ron agree that there was a bit of a learning curve in bringing them and Scott and Wyatt up to speed, the four high schoolers had a knack for the work and caught on quickly. And speaking of Scott and Wyatt, they don’t exactly stay idle. They each have at least one asset to manage in addition to their other responsibilities. Scott, for example, works as the liaison with an overseas engineering firm, while Wyatt tackles a lot of the experimental development and marketing ideas.

Since they aren’t flower experts, the four “Asset Managers”—as they are known at CastleWave, for their job and their teamwork—had to learn to work with other experts in developing Flower-Dictionary.com. Scott’s work with the design team came as part of that, but all four got involved in research, outsourcing and quality-checking content, and decisions on what to include and how to do it. Rich and Ron still help with the big projects, but the Asset Managers are gaining more and more skills as they go. Each new project brings new challenges. They think of it this way, though: they’ve already become experts in the field of flowers. In the wide-open fields ahead of dreams and life, who’s to say that expertise can’t continue?

Corner Corner