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Silk Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers are special, but lets be honest they have so many problems that they can become a hindrance. Worrying about how fresh the flowers are, if you will have them wilting in pictures. Plus what if the bridesmaid is allergic to a flower in her bouquet. These are all worries that have made silk wedding flowers become so popular.

They come pretty close to looking exactly the same as real flowers. They don’t have pollen so allergies are taken care of. Also, they last. You can expect these flowers to be back by the time you come back from your honeymoon.

Lets face it silk wedding flowers just sound like the perfect thing for a wedding, there is also a great variety of flowers you can have, no longer you will be told that flower doesn’t come in a blue. With silk wedding flowers you can spend a full day in advance getting set up, not having to worry about the flowers dying on you.

There are all sorts of silk wedding flowers, in fact if it is a real flower be it daisies, orchids, roses, calla lilies or any of the countless flowers in the world you can get the same flower except it will be a silk flower.

This way of silk wedding flowers can also help the brides family save money if she has a little sister or two. Even though it is the same collection of flowers, you can arrange them differently or even throw a few out and buy a few and make it look completely different.

Well, that is settled for wedding flowers the way to go must be silk wedding flowers right? There are a few disadvantages to silk wedding flowers. What are these? Well first is the price. You can easily spend less on discount silk wedding flowers than real ones, unless you get carried away. Which becomes quite easy, because you realize that these flowers are going to last so you don’t feel bad spending an extra $200 on flowers you can hold on to. Not only that but with a great variety it is much easier to spend money on more little things than on one big thing. Also remember that full day in advance you can spend setting up the flowers. Well, are you going to be setting them up? Or are you going to be paying someone to set them up? These are all things that need to be considered.

Silk wedding flowers also need a place to store afterwards At my Older sisters wedding we decided to go with the silk wedding flowers, and the amount of space they take up after the wedding is phenomenal. My mother refuses to throw them away because I have 4 other sisters that need to get married, however as the years go by, those silk wedding flowers don’t get any smaller. If you do not want to store the flowers afterwards I’d go with the real ones, you don’t feel so bad throwing away dead flowers than the silk wedding flowers.

The last disadvantage to silk wedding flowers has to be the fairy tale feeling. It is still there with silk flowers however when you have real flowers and everything just works, the flowers are looking great for all the events, and afterwards dye just seem fitting. It is a feeling that can’t be described but having real wedding flowers makes everything seem like you really are in a fairy tale, and for that day, time stops and the day is yours.

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