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Oklahoma State Flower

Along with many other states, Oklahoma has chosen a variety of rose as its state flower. The Oklahoma state flower is specifically the Oklahoma rose. Four states have chosen to just represent themselves by the rose. They have chosen no distinctive variety of rose for their representation. The United States has also chosen to represent the nation with a rose and has chosen not to use a specific variety of rose. Two states have chosen to represent themselves with the wild prairie rose. I think Oklahoma is the only state that has chosen to represent itself with the Oklahoma rose. I certainly hope that this is the case, because I feel that choosing the Oklahoma rose as your state flower if you are not the state of Oklahoma would only be embarrassing and would say terrible things about your state.

The Oklahoma rose is a variety of tea rose that was developed at Oklahoma State University. Any other state that chose to represent itself by the Oklahoma state flower would seem to have no pride in the name of its state and would also seem to be engaged in a sort of stealing as the flower was developed in the state of Oklahoma.

I do not know why the rose is such a popular choice for representation. As well as being the national flower of the United States, the rose is the national flower of England. England even has a whole war named after roses—the War of the Roses. The symbolism goes back many years, roses being associated with goddesses especially goddesses of romantic love and beauty. The Oklahoma state flower is a specific variety of rose, but perhaps the rose is chosen so often because of its popularity over the ages for its beauty and fragrance. Perhaps the Oklahoma state flower is also chosen because of the rose’s relationship to romance and physical beauty. Which state wouldn’t want to be known as a romantic and beautiful state? If you are trying to propagate the idea that your state is romantic and beautiful, it makes sense to choose as your state flower that flower which has been throughout history most linked to romance and beauty.

The choice to use the Oklahoma rose as the Oklahoma state flower also denotes a certain pride in academic achievements. Oklahoma did not choose just any flower to represent the state; they chose a flower that had been developed in one of their own universities. This denotes a certain pride in the industry of humanity—the ability that he has to develop and breed flowers. Because the flower was developed at one of the state’s universities, this also denotes a certain pride in their universities and—by choosing a university—in academics in general. There is also a general state pride associated with choosing a state flower which includes the name of the state in the name of the flower. If you have a flower that includes part of your state’s name and was developed in one of your state universities, then you have a certain obligation to state pride to use that flower as your state flower.

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