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New Mexico State Flower

The New Mexico state flower has developed a very specialized method of pollination. They have their own moth to take care of it. The yucca flower is pollinated by the yucca moth which purposefully moves pollen. The yucca moth also lays its eggs in the yucca flower. Now, that is the way to get pollination done! You recruit one specific species to take care of the pollination for you, and you make sure that you are giving that species something in return. The moth is able to lay its eggs in the flower, and the larvae eats some of the yucca seeds as it is developing. The moth even makes sure to not lay too many eggs in the yucca plant so that the larvae do not destroy the plant. It might be a big risk for the New Mexico state flower to participate in such a committed relationship. If the yucca moth dies, the yucca flower is certain to die. However, that yucca flower knows that the yucca moth is committed to keeping the flower alive. The moth needs the flower to survive. The moth cannot lay its eggs anywhere else. As with all things needed for survival, the animal will protect that flower with everything it has. This is not a matter of one species using another and getting all of the benefit. These two species need each other to survive.

It seems like an odd sort of marriage between a moth and a flower, but the relationship seems to benefit both. The yucca flower also seems to have quite a bit of popularity. The yucca plant has lent its name to several places. This is probably due to the profusion of yucca plants in the southwestern United States. New Mexico chose for itself a flower that cannot live without something else as the New Mexico state flower. As this flower is a symbol for New Mexico, it represents the natural hardiness of the people living in the arid climate, but it also represents an understanding of the need people have for other people and species. In an area where the biological diversity does not yield many generally prized plants, the people of New Mexico have chosen to make the New Mexico state flower the yucca flower. They prize the individuality of the plants that grow there, and they recognize the individual qualities of each of these plants. This gratitude for the individual diversity of the state should naturally lead to conservation efforts for the many unique plants and animals alive in the desert areas. An imbalance caused by us will have further effects than we realize. How many people know that destroying the yucca moth will also destroy the yucca flower? As the yucca plant symbolizes, we need each other. Sometimes we think we are all-powerful. We think humans will not die even if other things die, but humans need other plants and animals to live. We could all learn a lesson from the New Mexico state flower. We are not surviving on our own.

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