Nerine ( Nerine Lily,Guersney Lily,Spider Lily )

Nerine ( Nerine Lily,Guersney Lily,Spider Lily )

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Commonly known as the Guernsey lily or spider lily, Nerine bowdenii and its cousins are actually herbs in the Amaryllidaceae family. This striking blossom comes in a wide spectrum of pink hues, from a brilliant fuchsia shade to an icy-cool blush pink. Nerines also can be found in white, reddish-orange and deep red. The delicate-looking blooms are named after a Greek sea nymph. Nerine sarniensis, or the Guernsey lily, was named when a ship was wrecked many years ago on Guernsey, the second largest of the Channel Islands, located off the coast of Normandy. Nerine bulbs washed ashore and took root on the island's sandy beaches. Because the ship was Japanese, it was originally believed that nerines were Japanese in origin. But they are actually native only to South Africa, where they bloom every March on Table Mountain.

Availability and Vase Life

Year round. 10-14 days.

Care and Handling

Storage at temperatures below 40 F will make the flowers blue, ruining their color. Pick off withered blooms to encourage opening of other buds.

Design Uses

Its vertical form is good in oriental and contemporary arrangements. Nerines are excellent in hand-tied bouquets, and individual florets can be used in wedding and corsage work.

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