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Nebraska State Flower

What does a state flower say about the state that it represents? Nebraska has chosen the goldenrod as the Nebraska state flower. The flowers are chosen for their usefulness and the characteristics that they represent as often as they are chosen for their beauty. Goldenrod is remembered as a rural wildflower, commonly associated with American settlers and pioneers. Goldenrod is known by its bright yellow flowers, is associated with the nearness of school, and is my favorite color of crayon in a box of Crayola crayons.

The flower is often though of as only a weed. The flower was not used in American gardens until the 1980s except in wildflower gardens. Because these flowers are quite notable, with their bright yellow flowers and bloom in late summer, they are often wrongly accused of being the cause of allergies. Typically these are not the flowers resulting in allergies, because their pollen is often too heavy and sticky to be carried by the wind.

I do not really think of the goldenrod as a common flower in these days. Maybe this comes from the fact that many people living now do not know the names of the flowers with which they associate. I wonder if the residents of Nebraska even know their Nebraska state flower beyond recognizing it as a color from their crayon boxes. The flower speaks of prairies and the open spaces, and the bright color is indicative of summer and warmth and sunshine. Choosing the flower as the Nebraska state flower may say that the state recognizes the abundance of this weedy flower and finds beauty in what some say are weeds. I think that is a noteworthy occupation. Why should we all dismiss flowers as weeds? Some people, like the state of Nebraska, have taken it upon themselves to recognize the beauty in the growth and celebrate it by making it their state flower.

The flower is abundant growing in ditches and waste places and along the roads throughout North America. Their color truly is a blessing along the roads. How can one not appreciate the ability of this flower to grow wherever possible? Maybe there is something to be said for the Nebraska state flower which spreads itself wherever it sees the need for beauty. As with many wildflowers, the Nebraska state flower can also be made into a tea. I always think that it is nice that we can make teas from so many of the flowers and plants that grow naturally in our areas. There is no need to worry about pesticides if you are picking the flowers from along your own fence. As the plant is sometimes known to indicate good luck, why not brew yourself a tea made of a good luck plant? Surely, the fortune will become a part of you as you ingest the brightness and natural sunshine of the plant that grows so efficiently throughout the country. I like to think, too, that there is fortune and good luck growing along the roads in the United States. In Nebraska where the plant grows so proficiently, there must be a lot of luck to be harvested.

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