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Dictionary of Flowers

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Alphabetical List of Flowers


African Boxwood
African Lily
Ageratum houstonim
Amaranthus hypochondriacus
Ammi majus
Annual Delphinium

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Is there a dictionary of flowers? While there might be some scattered across the web, our list of all flowers acts almost like a flowers encyclopedia. Maybe you know the picture, maybe the name, maybe you want a baby name—whatever the case, we know that our alphabetical list of flowers is exactly what you need. The secret to keeping track of the names of all flowers is right here.

While it is true that with the tens or even hundreds of thousands of flowers, this list of flowers seems to barely touch the topsoil, we know you don’t want all 25,000 species of orchids. What you want is to have a list of names that makes your flower-hunting easier. This dictionary of flowers offers a new approach to finding flowers by keeping all popular species and names in an easy, alphabetical list.

We have called our list both a dictionary and an encyclopedia—why do that? We mean that as a dictionary of flowers, this list keeps brief, alphabetical entries for no-hassle access. You have it easy when you use our list of flowers. Even if you aren’t sure enough of the name to go right to it, you will find that it is easy to skim the short entries, even though our list of flowers has encyclopedic coverage. See, there’s the connection: as an encyclopedia of flowers, we are confident that we have the most popular flowers all listed here, as comprehensive as you want and need. Browse the list and find your flower.

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