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January Wedding Flowers

When you think of January what comes to mind? New years resolutions, a new beginning, in with the old out with the new, and weddings. Weddings? Actually January is the least popular month to have weddings in. Even less popular than December. I find this hard to believe, if you want a theme wedding, there are so many great themes available at this time.

I mentioned a few earlier, A new beginning, in with the old out with the new, time for change. There are countless beautiful themes that can be thought up for this month. Also, for all of those couple who want to be unique this is the perfect month to do it in, there are hardly any weddings at this time of year.

There are a couple downfalls of course. What about all the people who just took vacation time off for Christmas? They may not want to come because of that. Or what about everyone spending all of their budget for Christmas so they can’t come, or will feel bad because they don’t have money to spend on you, for your wedding. Well both of these can be taken care of, all you have to do is send out your invitations in beginning – mid November.

Those aren’t the downfall that makes brides worried though, is it? The main downfall is what January wedding flowers are there. I mean it is in the middle of the winter, there probably is only leaves that people can use, or maybe even pine needles.

Those fears are all off also. There are plenty of January wedding flowers. Just to list a few of those January wedding flowers there are: Alsrtomeria, Babies Breath, Bells of Ireland, Calla Lilies, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Daffodils, Dasies, Delphinium, Eucalyptus, ‘Fillers’, Freesia, Gardenia. That isn’t even all of the January wedding flowers, yet there is a fear that there aren’t good looking flowers in January.

January is a great time to have a wedding, the only time you shouldn’t want to have a wedding in January is if you are planning on having an outside ceremony, reception, or having it on the beach. Mostly this time of the year can be quite cold. There are several places that are exceptions to the rule of course, so if you want to hold your wedding there that is perfectly fine. Just make sure you take the right accommodations for the guests, and stop worrying about the types of January wedding flowers that are in season.

Some people probably want the rest of the list we have for January wedding flowers so, to meet there needs we will finish the list. There are Garlands, ‘Greens’, Heather, Hypericum Berry, Larkspur, Liatris, Lilies, Monte Casino Asters, Orchids, Poms, Queen Anne’s Lace, Roses, Scabiosa, Snapdragons, Solidaster, Statice, Stephanotis, Stock, Tulip, Wasflwoer.

Thanks to a lot of the yearly flowers there can be quite the selection to January wedding flowers. The important thing to remember is to watch out for those flowers that can clash if not used properly.

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