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The Indian Paintbrush on the Mountain and Beautiful Types of Flowers

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Up on the mountainside, high above the valley floor, a few hardy flowers poke their curious heads from the just-unfrozen soil. The Indian Paintbrush spreads red and orange across the alpine meadows, complemented by yellows and purples of all types of flowers. Breathtaking. That’s the only word that accurately paints the picture. Right then, your hiking companion turns to you—

“Which of all the flowers up here is your favorite?” You freeze. Picking one of the flower types might voice your ignorance. “The red one,” you say, “the Indian Paintbrush,” and hope that your companion isn’t horticulturally inclined. That’s the only name of the present flower types that you know! Right then, you wish that your vocabulary for the types of flowers were a little more expansive. But is it possible? Is there some way to be better acquainted with the names of flowers?

Don’t worry. You don’t have to know the names of all flowers, but it is nice to understand some. Flowers cover everything from gardens to Valentine’s Day. Being able to tell apart different types of flowers makes you that much more cultured—or horticultured.

Learning is like the hike: before you tackle the task of learning the names of flowers, you start in the parking lot. You roll in, climb out, and breathe in the mountain air. There stands your great granite goal. You want to say “Indian Paintbrush” not because it’s the only one you know, but because it really is your favorite. But for now, you are in the parking lot, looking up—

And then you climb. The first steps on the trail are easy and light, surrounded by lush greenery and sweeping valleys. As you work at learning the names of flowers, whether on the trail with a book or at a computer through the Internet, you find it fun and easy at first. “Roses!” you say. “Roses include ‘Taboo’ and ‘Hermosa!’” And then you start to sweat—there’s more than one type of Indian Paintbrush? And how are you going to remember the types of flowers you’ve never seen except in pictures?

Ultimately, your quest for horticultural knowledge will be rewarded. As you come to learn the names of flowers, their history, growth, and meaning will enrich you. In your proverbial hike, you suddenly crest the brow of the mountain’s back side to view the blindingly brilliant glow of the setting sun. Below the valley is all alight—a sweeping swath of green grass and fragrant flowers—and the sky blazes blue with hints of purple, orange, and red tinging the edge. You sit down to take it in. Today’s hike will take you back down through the night and shadow, but for now, the vista is supreme. The Indian Paintbrush on the mountain’s side has reached to the sky and spread its color. You smile. You breathe deep again. Of all the types of flowers, these are your favorite: the ones you know. As you cherish the view, you cherish your knowledge, and the sun sets on a day well spent. “Indian Paintbrush,” you say—and mean it.

This lovely flowered metaphor brought to you by www.Flower-Dictionary.com, your source for meanings of flower types and the names of all flowers.

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