Godetia ( Clarkia,Satin Flowers,Farewell-To-Spring,Summer's Darling,Red Ribbons )

Godetia ( Clarkia,Satin Flowers,Farewell-To-Spring,Summer's Darling,Red Ribbons )

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Whether it's known by the name godetia or clarkia, this hardy annual with purple, rose or white blooms is reminiscent of the anemone, Other names attributed to godetias, which are members of the Onagraceae family, are satin flowers, farewell-to-spring, summer's darling, red ribbons and fairy fans. Godetia blooms are about 2-3 inches in diameter. The plants grow 2-3 feet tall. Godetias' four-petaled flowers are characteristic of the family, although florists frequently use double-flowered varieties that have more petals per bloom.

Availability and Vase Life

March through August.

Care and Handling

A clean container is important to keeping Godetias. Submerge the flowers' stems under water and cut about 1 inch off before placing them in a clean vase containing a properly prepared fresh flower-food solution.

Design Uses

Godetias are pretty additions to garden-style arrangements, wedding flowers and other soft, romantic designs.

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