Fall Wedding Flowers

You want to know what is in season during the fall? Fall wedding flowers have the potential to be great, or to crash and fall. Then again, every wedding flowers by season have that potential so I wouldn’t be to worried about it yet. Fall has some similar flowers in season to summer, like Roses and Sunflowers, however, what make fall wedding flowers unique is the richness in color of reds, yellows, and oranges. Some of the best flowers of these colors are roses, over looked yet beautiful.

The variety of roses is amazing, they even have their own special names. Terra Cotta, Leonidas, Sari, Red Berlin, Star 2000, Black Magic, and Hocus Pocus if you are unfamiliar with these roses it is just as easy to say I want a Coral Orange Rose and the florist will know you want a Star 2000 Rose.

Other great fall wedding flowers are: Viburnum, Montibretia, Aster, Dahlias, Marigold, Statice, Chrysanthemum, Zinnia, Iris, and Winter Jasmine (see here). All of these flowers look great in bouquets if you arrange them correctly. The trick is to know when and how many of each flower to use. Another (excuse me for calling it a flower) idea is dried leaves. I know that that sounds kind of crazy, it did to me at first, but if you look at the vibrant colors that dried leaves can offer your flowers you’d be amazed at how well they complement your flowers.

Not only do they harmonize with your flowers well, but they also are cheap. This is a nice bonus to using dead leaves. They make your flowers look amazing and save you money, what more could you want?

Another accessory that can be added to pictures and receptions are the little accents that are in season at the time. Whether it be Squashes, Ornamental Berries, greenery like Ivy, and Bruce Spruce. Once again like the dead leaves this can sound like a horrible idea, but if you have a creative mind or even just a creative florist these small accessories can add a lot to your flowers. The unfortunate fact about fall wedding flowers is that there really isn’t that huge of a variety.

However, if you get the right florist, you can get one of the most beautiful weddings anyone has ever seen, the trick is knowing which florist to get. If you’d like to give it a try you could even be your own florist, as crazy as it sounds. You may not know everything about flowers, but there are plenty of websites willing to help, also there are great websites that you can order from online that can provide you with all of the bouquets and centerpieces ready to implement into your perfect wedding.

Don’t shy away from the idea of you being your own florist; just don’t put your heart half way into the decision. Put all of your heart and mind into this choice and you will be surprised with what you can do with fall wedding flowers. One fantastic truth to wedding flowers is the alternative to silk wedding flowers. It is always a choice to look into the fake flowers instead of the real things.

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