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Cymbidium ( Cymbidium Orchid )

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Cymbidium ( Cymbidium Orchid )

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Love, beauty, refinement


Cymbidiums are one of the Orchidaceae family's best-known members. Cymbidiums include some 40 native species, as well as thousands of cultivars. The flowers are native to Southeast Asia, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, China, the Philippines and Australia. Their name derives from the Greek word kymbe, meaning "boat," and refers to the blooms' hollowed lips.

Availability and Vase Life

August through May 1-3 weeks.

Care and Handling

Avoid cold below 38 F. Damaging flower's stigma will encourage premature witing.

Design Uses

Cymbidiums are most valued by florists for use in corsages and wedding work, but the flowers are versatile and can be incorporated into other designs as well.

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