Five Ways to Start Your Own Floral Business for All Flower Types

As the petals unfold in the morning dew, the light from the sun lends vibrance to spring’s glowing chorus. All types of flowers begin to blossom, sending forth shoots and blooms to greet the golden orb above—what a picture! Makes you wish that you and one you loved were present to watch the radiance fill the air. That imagery captures customers as well as it does lovers, though. For those who love flowers (or who love business), they not only see the rich beauty of the earth’s creations, but also the rich opportunity to bless fellow lovers of flowers. After all, if you can capture that image—if you can feel that fulfillment—why not bring it to others? The best way, of course, is to build a home business around flowers.

Start your flower business with a garden. Give flowers to friends; give them away for free; help others feel the same way you do about the precious buds and petals. All types of flowers work for this. Put your flowers right out front of your home to sell them. Distribute fliers; speak with friends; offer custom-arranged bouquets. Start small but dream big.

Aside from a home business, the second venture possibility is to start a roadside stand. For your small business, be sure to check your city and county regulations. Try setting up alongside a major road. Often, those passing by are on their way to see somebody they love. Secure your finance and secure their undying adoration with a little white booth offering all types of flowers.

If you have the technical know-how—and are willing to tackle complicated finance—try running your small business online. You might want to confine your flower delivery only to nearby locations. You can’t exactly package a flower and mail it off. Dried flowers can get around that problem, though; if carefully packaged, they will often win hearts. Be sure to list the names of all flowers that you sell. Those names of flowers will be the key to helping people find the flowers they need.

Farmers’ markets—opportunity number four—are another great place to market your flowers. All types of flowers and fruits are sold at these locations. Browse your local farmers’ markets and see what the competition sells. Can you raise different flower types? Take a different approach? A smiling face and a cheerful floral display often attract the market shoppers. Fresh produce and fresh flowers match well.

The fifth way to consider opening your small business for flowers is to actually set up a storefront. Ask yourself: are there related services my business could offer? As with the Internet, finance might be tough. Whether you need up-front cash to get it rolling or not, you will need skill to balance the books. Selling all types of flowers does you no good if you get into all types of debt.

With these five ways to market the flowers you so love, never forget the reason you started. Your small business should do as the dawn does. Open budding hearts with the flowers you love and fill them with vibrance, love, and beauty.

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