Blue Wedding Flowers

What color do you think is the most common sought out wedding flower? Let me tell you it isn’t pink wedding flowers or purple wedding flowers but blue wedding flowers. To make sure that you find those perfect blue wedding flowers we have collected as many flowers as we thought there were. Now some of these blue wedding flowers come in all sorts of colors, you just need to find the blue ones of that flower.

Here is the list we have put together for blue wedding flowers: Hyacinths, Delphiniums, Statice, Sea Holly, Roses, Forget-Me-Nots, Iris, Violets, Centaurea Cyanus, Campanula, Catanache, Caryopteris, Clematis, Aconitum, Anchusa Capansis, Brunerra Macrophylla, Aquillagia, Baptisia Australis, Agastache, Water Lillie, Agapanthus, Aster, Anemone Blanda, Allium, and Hydrangeas. Wow, what a list!

Now that we have listed down all the blue wedding flowers out there, might we add a little bit of advice. Don’t go to heavy on the blue. Blue is great for complementing other colors, however, it shouldn’t be used as the main color itself. If you are using Dark Blue flowers then go for purple wedding flowers also, this will be the best match. If you want light blue wedding flowers, then go for pink wedding flowers, these two work wonders.

Once again, we want to stress don’t go to heavy with the blue. Blue looks nice all on it’s own, that is true, in fact you could get a great looking wedding bouquet with all blue flowers, the difference is if you use blue as a highlight to all the other colors you have something more than great. You create the perfect bouquet.

The same concept applies to purple wedding flowers. These flowers just aren’t meant to be the main color, pink wedding flowers are okay, but still shouldn’t be the main theme. If you were to choose a main theme the best one to go for would have to be white flowers and right behind that are red going into pink flowers. Anything else just overcomes the wedding.

But do not shy away from the blue wedding flowers, these are great highlighters. They make everything at a wedding become more than just a flower, but in itself you have created poetry. The way the flowers will flow together, it doesn’t matter if someone is 5 and doesn’t know how to read verse someone who is in their prime, everyone will be able to read your flowers. That is what every bride wants, not only does it make the flowers into poetry, but it creates the brides special day into one that will become unforgettable.

So, when you are looking at wedding flowers make sure you find that perfect match between flowers, where it seems as if the flowers themselves are magic. This is the perfect feeling that any bride would want at her wedding, and not only at her wedding but also in the years to come being able to look at wedding pictures and see how beautifully the flowers come together. Then the bride will think “This is what it is all about.”

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