Moluccella laevis ( Bells of Ireland,Shell Flowers )

Moluccella laevis ( Bells of Ireland,Shell Flowers )

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Moluccella laevis

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Moluccella laevis, commonly called bells of Ireland, belongs to the Labiatae family and features tall stalks of unusual, cup-shaped calyces, or leaves, commonly mistaken for petals. The flowers' petals, or corollas, form inside the calyces and are often not readily visible. Native to western Asia, the genus Moluccella gets its name from the Indonesian Molucca Islands, which were once mistakenly thought to be the flower's native land.

Availability and Vase Life

Year round. 7-10 days.

Care and Handling

Stems have small thorns that may irritate the skin, so some people prefer using gloves with this flower.

Design Uses

Although its association with Ireland is only in its name, Bells or Ireland are often used in St. Patrick's day arrangements. Suitable for drying.

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