April Wedding Flowers

April means spring, spring means flowers. There is a plethora of flowers popping up or waiting to pop up at this time. The key is to know which to use for April wedding flowers. There is a quote that is from spiderman that may seem odd to use at a flower site but it applies. “With great power comes great responsibility.” The reason why this quote applies so well to April wedding flowers is because of what time of year it is.

Not only is it finally spring and there are flowers, but with these things comes expectations great than those in the months before. People expect to see great looking flower arrangements, after all they have been stuck with winter flowers for a whole season, it is time that they get to see some beautiful flowers again.

Of course if you have looked at the available flowers in the winter you know they are anything but ugly. They could hold up a standard just as high as spring flowers, but this fact doesn’t change peoples minds. They demand great looking April wedding flowers.

Don’t get to scarred though, there is a loophole that most brides take, and that is color. In reality that is what people are looking for, even if they themselves don’t know it. Their tired of seeing all the plainness of winter, they want color. This is why Christmas lights are so colorful, they are trying to satisfy their need for color when there is none.

Once again this can become a problem if you don’t use your power with your responsibility. It might not seem fair, but you chose to have your wedding in spring so everyone expects of you to bring out color. This isn’t a problem of course all because April wedding flowers are all about colors. There is the traditional flower for this month which is daises. There is quite the variety of colors that daises offer, but, this is just the beginning there are also: Lavendar, Roses, Gardenia, Lilacs, Daffodils, Orchids, Hyacinth, Peonies, Anemones, and Love in the mist.

That barely scratches the surface of April wedding flowers, there are countless flowers that just keep coming into season as the month goes on. Go for the wedding of the year, use those colors which people want to see, make your wedding a fairy tale all out of those flowers that surround where you will walk up the aisle.

One thing to take into consideration is price though, Because the selection of flowers gets wider and wider, you can get lost with all the flowers you want, this shouldn’t be a problem unless you don’t have a budget outlined before you start. This is one thing that should be outlined before a single flower is looked at. How much can I afford, or how much am I willing to spend. These need to be constantly coming up when planning for a wedding there is no point in blowing away life savings on just flowers, there are other things that require your attention to.

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