Antirrhinum majus ( Snapdragon )

Antirrhinum majus ( Snapdragon )

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Antirrhinum majus

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Gracious lady, deception, presumption.


A highly versatile, spiky flower that comes from the Mediterranean area, the snapdragon belongs to the Scrophulariaceae family and rivals the carnation in its usefulness to the retail florist. Holding between six and 15 florets on 18- to 36-inch stems, snapdragons are properly known as Antirrhinum majus--which in Latin means "like a nose or snout"--and were christened as such for the lush blooms' resemblance to a mythical dragon's snout.

Availability and Vase Life

Snapdragons are available year-round in a wide spectrum of colors, including white, ivory, pink, yellow, salmon, red and magenta. Variegated cultivars are also available, such as the salmon- and ivory-colored "Apple Blossom" snapdragon. Vase life varies by cultivar, but snapdragons will generally do well for 5-8 days in water. With proper care and handling, their vase life may even be doubled to 10-16 days.

Care and Handling

Snapdragons are ethylene-sensitive flowers that require proper treatment and flower food for optimum vase life. Upon receipt, cut stems under water and remove lower foliage that will fall below the water line. Place stems in a clean container of properly prepared flower food. Display snapdragons in indirect light and away from heat.

Design Uses

With their strong line forms, interesting texture and color versatility, snapdragons make wonderful additions to multicolored and monochromatic mixed bouquets. For a mass effect, use multiple stems cut short.

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