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Wisconsin State Flower

Wisconsin State Flower is definitely a popular choice, as several other States ratified it as well for their State Flower. States like New Jersey with the Common Violet as their State Flower or Rhode Island, the Common Blue Violet, and Illinois, with the plain old Violet. Although the other States might have ratified cousins or relatives of the Wisconsin State Flower, the Wood Violet definitely won the hearts of school children in Wisconsin. So despite the popularity of the Violet, in the end its regal appearance is what really made these States choose this flower.

The Wood Violet, botanist named Viola Papilionacea, was picked after a close race. The voting took place in Wisconsin back on Arbor Day in nineteen hundred and nine. It was left up to the children to decide which flower they wanted to represent their state. The Wood Violet was not the only flower on trial that day, but as well the Wild Rose, the White Water Lily, and Trailing Arbutus. In the end the dainty little Wood Violet won the vote and it wasn’t until June fourth of nineteen hundred and forty nine that it became the official Wisconsin State Flower.

This small and common flower is usually found growing in meadow areas, in wet forest areas, and even beside the road. You can find these elegant flowers blooming early in the spring and they don’t stop blooming until near the end of fall. A fun fact about the Wood Violet is that the leaves are nutritious to eat. The leaves of the flower contain vitamins A and C. And since the leaves are so tasty, people have used them in jellies, candies and even salads. Some people believe that the leaf contains antioxidants, so they are made into herbal teas that are used in China as medicine. Leaves of the Wood Violet are heart shaped and held by a long stem. The Wood Violet is an herb plant and its stem is thick and strong. Note that the leaves and the stem are on separate stalks, unlike other flowering plants that leaves and stem are unison. Now the petals of the Wisconsin State Flower come in several rich colors of deep blue or deep purple, violet, and occasionally a white with almost a bluish imprint to them. The flower has five petals altogether and the flower grows on its own stem. And of course these beautiful flowers are very popular in the eastern side of the United States. Other strange facts are that some types of the Violets are used in perfumes.

With three other States sporting the various kinds of Violets as their State Flowers, Wisconsin wasn’t scared off by the popularity of the flower. Instead make their own mark on history they carefully selected the Wood Violet as their State Flower. This flower which can be eaten or enjoyed as medicine is quite the hit in the United States. Violets are wonderfully fragrant, regal, and perfect choice for the Wisconsin State Flower.

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