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Wild flower

Nothing is more incredible than the rare beauty of nature that grows on its own in the wild. Plants and trees that stretch towards the sky and fight for their survival every day which brings an extra added measure of beauty to their already delicate appearance. Wild flowers are just the thing for making stunning bouquets to take home. There are several millions kinds of species of wild flower that have yet to be discovered. Despite that there are some obvious facts about wild flowers that many people do not know.

The word wild flower implies that it grows in the wild. Of course it has not been cultivated or taken care of by someone other than good old Mother Nature. Most Scientists do not use the word wild flower and work to replace that term with a more descriptive word. They prefer terms like native species or exotic, imported, invasive species, introduced species, and finally naturalized. Each of these has different and specific meanings due to all sorts of planting factors and scenarios. A native species is referring to that it grows naturally in the area. When plants are imported, the term is referring to that the plant was introduced to an area either on accident or on purpose. As for invasive species, these are plants that compete with other plants and kill them by over taking their light and nutrients. That term can be used for either native or not native plants. An introduced species means that the plant is not grown in nature in that specific area. Naturalized is a term that means the plant was planted in the surrounding area and is not native to the land, but is now considered by those who live there to be native. These specific terminologies are preferred so that there is no confusion among people exactly how that plant came to be in its surround area.

Wild flowers are very popular. Looking at the State flowers you can see that some States have ratified a beautiful wild flower. States such as Michigan with the Dwarf Lake Iris, or New Hampshire and their Pink Lady’s Slipper have nominated a State wild flower. Other States have voted a wild flower to be the State flower. These are popular to put into garden as they are easy care. As for types of gardens you can create, like rock gardens and Japanese gardens, there is a wildflower garden in that category as well.

Wild flowers are everywhere in our world. There is not a country, culture, city or place that you cannot visit and find a garden of some sort. It can be a Zen garden, just a plain garden around your home, a vegetable garden, a garden of art, or just filled with flowers or central around another them. Wild flowers are beautiful vessels of Mother Nature’s garden found in any town, field or place. We can appreciate their beauty and even make them symbols of our pride and love for nature.

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