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Virginia State Flower

Virginia is a State that is proud of its own State Flower, the Dogwood, and botanical name being Cornus Florida. Throughout their state they have streets and even Harbors, named after the Virginia State Flower. The beautiful flower represents not only the landscape of their state, but their heritage as well, with famous links to the fore fathers of the United States. With such lush rich beauty in a flower, along with cultural background, the Dogwood easily won as the State Symbol. The Flower also has a long history and tradition within the State makes it the right choice for Virginia’s State Flower.

The Dogwood, also know as the American Dogwood, derived its name from its curing power on dogs. When dogs were infected with mange, an infestation of microscopic mites which causes itching hair loss and inflammation, they used Dogwood to cure it. After boiling the bark of the Dogwood tree and bathing their dogs in it, the Dogwood bark would cure the animal. So they named the tree Dogwood. It is the flowers that grow on these deciduous trees. That’s right the Virginia State Flower is indeed a tree. It is the only State to have the State Flower and the State Tree that is the same.

According to the website Florapedia.com, the Dogwood flower was loved by none other than the fore founding father Thomas Jefferson. The writer of the Declaration of Independence, called the American Dogwood as his favorite flower. And at his Virginia estate in Monticello, Thomas decorated his grounds with the Virginia State Flower in the seventeen hundreds. For this reason the State of Virginia decided in nineteen hundred and eighteen to make the Dogwood the symbol of its States Flower.

When the dogwood blooms in May they are usually in serene colors of white or pink. The flowers cascade over the trees making it a beautiful curtain of white or pink and even sometimes a light red. The Dogwood tree can grow to be as high as forty feet and as short as fifteen feet. During the fall the leaves of the Dogwood tree turn colorful reds, scarlet and gold orange. What makes the Virginia State Flower stand out is its unusual almost knot in its petals. These notches give the petals a sophisticated twist on the usual petals normally seen in flowers. The Dogwood tree also produces small berries or mostly thought of as fruit. This fruit matures between September and October, just as the leaves are changing colors, adding to the spectacular beauty of fall colors.

The Virginia State Flower is one that you cannot miss, as Dogwood trees seem to love the climate in the State. Although the Dogwood is technically a tree, the Virginia’s still wanted the bloom to be named the State Flower. If you are looking to visit Virginia, try its splendor in spring so you don’t miss out on the Dogwood bloom. Its sophisticated feel, curtains of flowers in the spring, and great love by Thomas Jefferson makes the Dogwood a proud heritage of the State of Virginia.

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