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Vermont State Flower

Once you get up there to New England, it seems that all those tiny states can be confusing. Of course to the inhabitants, that is an insult to them. They are quite proud to be from Connecticut, Rhode Island or Vermont. Although they may seem the same to you, there are distinct differences to them. For example the quiet state of Vermont is very different from the other New England states. One feature that sets them out of the rest is their Vermont State Flower. The Red Clover, or botanist called Trifolium Pratense, can be seen growing throughout the State of Vermont. Not exactly the kind of flower that is normally chosen for state flowers, but still has an array of functions past its looks.

The Red Clover is not a native to Vermont, but over the years it has become naturalized. This term naturalized means that the flower was not born or originated from Vermont, but has obtained its citizenship, so to speak, there in Vermont. The Red Clover is sometimes a biennial plant, but mostly is a perennial. This particular flower can stand erect growing as high as twenty inches. There is a V-shaped light green almost tattooed in the leaf of the flower. As far as the head of the flower, it is relatively smaller no larger an inch wide and the plant doesn’t grow higher than sixty centimeters. Its well know almost ball shaped budding makes it almost look as one large flower. Stems, of the Vermont State flower, are not only strong and sturdy, but packed high in fiber. Even its petals are very nutritious to eat and their legumes are a great source of isoflavones. Even though you can eat this Vermont State Flower, there are other great uses for it as well.

The Red Clover can be used for medicinal purposes. On the website of National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, it list the ways the flower has been used in the past. It was thought in the past that Red Clover could cure problems or help delay disease such as bronchitis, cancer, asthma, or whooping cough. Today people take in herb form, to help alleviate problems such as high cholesterol, menopausal symptoms, or osteoporosis. But as far as scientific evidence, there isn’t much to prove the herbal uses, such as in tea or capsule forms, of Red Clover. A few studies have been done, but nothing conclusive as the results vary.

The Vermont State Websites explains that the Red Clover became the State Flower in February 1, 1895. It also states that the Vermont State Flower is important part of their scenery. Even though all the states may look alike up in New England, to the train eye of the local, they know they have entered Vermont without even looking at sign, just by the beautiful Red Clover growing on the side of the road. Even though Vermont State Flower is not originally from Vermont, the citizens are glad to accept the Red Clover as their own.

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