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Uses of flowers

There are many different uses of flowers. You can bring happiness to others in the form of a bouquet. Or you can try to console someone with flowers in a vase. Other ways you can use flowers is within your own garden to make your yard more pleasing to the eye and giving you a great hobby that even helps you stay healthy. Other flowers can be used for symbols and icons. Flowers can be used for names and in other ways. Below are bunches of fun facts dealing with the different uses of flowers.

The central symbol of romanticism is the blue flower. It represents love, desire and a metaphysical working toward the never-ending and unattainable. It proceeds to appear in many great novels, poems and works. One such is Penelope Fitzgerald, an English writer who wrote a historic novel called The Blue Flower. Other books such as A Town in Germany, which has a character name Bradfield, make a romantic reference to blue flowers. There are songs entitled blue flower from bands like MC Kool Keith, Pale Saints, Mazzy Star, and Slapp Happy.

The lotus flower is another one of the uses of flowers that makes and interesting icon and important to a whole religion. One of the many Hindu mythologies a god named Vishnu is often shown standing upon a lotus flower. The Hindu’s believe that the lotus symbolizes a spiritual significance. And the flower is central in their creation stories. The Hindus bring flowers to their temples as worshiping their goddesses.

Flowers can also be eaten. The sego lily was a source of food for the Utah Pioneers when they had seventeen years of being over run by crickets. They didn’t have any food since the crickets devoured their crops, so the settlers lived off the flowers until the crickets left. Other flowers such as rose, chamomile, jasmine and chrysanthemum can be made into delicious herbal teas. These flowers can also be mixed with tea leaves just to give a great fragrance to the tea. Some of the flowers are used for their medicinal purposes as herbs.

Some strange uses of flowers that are quite interesting can be downright weird. For example marigolds are thought to remove warts. Also marigolds are fed to chickens so that their egg yolk will be a deeper yellow color. (It was also thought to be a defense against the plague at one time!) Not only is the marigold sacred to the Hindus but the Aztecs as well. The Aztecs would cover their temples with marigold. As a flower itself, it can mean jealousy and cruelty if given away in a bouquet—what a rich mix of uses!

There are so many uses of flowers that one could not possibly imagine. From just planting flowers into your garden to giving someone a bouquet, there are hidden meaning to the uses of flowers. Next time you send out a bouquet of flowers make sure you aren’t sending mixed or bad meanings, just in case that person happens to know the several uses of flowers.

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