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State official flowers

Nothing can make your garden more beautiful and delightful than to fill it with State official flowers. Then your garden can represent the fifty states in the United States. It’s a fun way to show off your gardening skills and fill you garden with fun plants and trees. That’s right, a few of the State official flowers are trees. Through this article you will learn a few of the State flowers and can start to build your patriotic garden. It’s a good time to start especially as the birthday of our nation is just around the corner. So let’s get started on making your patriotic garden full of State official flowers.

The Wyoming State flower is one that you should not transplant. The striking desert flower known as the Indian Paintbrush is a perfect flower to start your patriotic garden. It is a beautiful bright red flower that receives it colors according to Indian folklore from discarded paintbrushes given to a young brave to paint the sunset. The young brave just left the paintbrushes across the landscape and from those paintbrushes grew the Indian Paintbrush plant. This plant is a perennial. It also competes with other plants and sucks their water and nutrients from its roots, so make sure when you plant that it be very close to another plant.

In contrast to the beautiful Indian Paintbrush’s stunning red color is the beautiful purple lilac, the New Hampshire State flower. This fragrant lavender flower will bring a sweet smell to your garden and a pleasing change to the bright red; they complement each other. These plants are relatively easy to grow. The purple lilac blooms from the middle of spring to early summer and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Just plant the bush and you will be done. It can resist some cold weather and can adapt to many soils.

Another great flower to grow in your patriotic garden is the beautiful dogwood flower, the Virginia State flower. This flower happens to be part of a tree. So in order to incorporate this into your garden to you can plant this tree somewhere in the landscape instead of another aspen or shrub. When it blooms, picking off the dead flowers is helpful to create new blooms. This tree loves to be in the shade and in moist soil. There isn’t much care for these trees except to water them often when it becomes too hot. Their beautiful white or pink flowers will add an extra bit of beauty to your yard and fit perfectly in your patriotic garden.

Although there are many more State official flowers, here are just a few to start your patriotic garden. Its easy to look up and find the care of the rest of the State official flowers, so don’t give up on making your own patriotic garden. You have all the tools you need your local library and internet. It’s a fun way to splash color and your pride for this country into your yard and still enjoy your hobby of gardening.

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