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State Flower list

All gardeners need to start somewhere to learn about flowers and what types they would like to put into their gardens. If you are new to the gardening world and are interesting in some ways to find flowers or just learn about different flowers and gardening tips, then you can research all that information online. With different websites you can get a start on making a garden that fits your creativity through color and diversity of flowers. Information such as when and where to plant flowers, how to feed them through watering and fertilizing, and the amount of sun the flowers need to grow. Those of you who don’t know too much about the type of flowers available should try the state flower list, as you can find several different flowers that will give you an introduction to the world of garden flowers.

With the state flower list, you can learn about many different species of a single flower family, or you can learn about all types of flowers. For example if you look on the state flower list you find that several states not only have common flowers, but flowers within the same family—flowers like the Goldenrod, Magnolia, Apple Blossom, American Dogwood, Rhododendron, Mountain Laurel and more. The Violet is one of those flowers. Many states have used this flower as their state flower. Notice that on the state flower list you see that it is not just a violet, but several related violets. There is Wisconsin with the Wood Violet (Viola papilionacea), Rhode Island the Common Blue Violet (Viola), Illinois with the Purple Violet (Viola), and New Jersey the plain Violet (Viola sororia). Flowers have many subspecies as you can see from the Latin-derived names given to them by botanists.

Other things you can learn from looking up these flowers is to know which flower will go great in the State that reside. If you are living in Texas you might try planting the State flower in your garden, which would be the Bluebonnet (Lupinus texensis). Then you will know that this flower will thrive in the Texas weather and climate. Or if you live in Massachusetts you probably couldn’t get the Bluebonnet to survive in that northern, harsh, cold and humid weather. Yet it would be easy to get the Mayflower (Epigaea repens) to grow in Massachusetts, as it is the State flower. Watch out for flowers that are not really flowers. A few of the state flowers are not even flowers at all; some of them are trees and others are pine cones. For example Maine’s State flower is a white pine cone and tassel (Pinus strobus) and Nevada’s is sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata).

The state flower list is a great tool to help first-time gardeners to see the possibilities in their own garden. It makes picking a flower and planting a bit easier when you know that it will definitely grow. Start working on your own personal garden and look for other tips and guides online.

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