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New Hampshire State Flower

New Hampshire is a beautifully forested state that is unlike anything they have seen on the west coast of the United States. With tall thin trees closely growing together they block out not only the rolling hills, but beautiful sunset and other features that New Hampshire has to offer. Although it may seem like a terrible thing, it isn’t so. The thickly wooded New Hampshire benefits from the lush green trees and underbrush, without it one of their two State Flowers would not exist. It is true that the New Hampshire State Flower is not just one flower but two. One of their State Flowers is the Purple Lilac, which strangely enough not is indigenous to New Hampshire. The other is the very alluring wildflower called the Pink Lady’s Slipper. The real truth of the matter is that the Lilac is indeed New Hampshire State Flower, but the Pink Lady’s Slipper is the New Hampshire state wildflower.

It was not until the year ninety hundred and ninety one that the Pink Lady’s Slipper, botanical name Cypripedium Acaule, became the official state wildflower. Other nicknames for this flower are the lady’s slipper orchid or moccasin flower. This delicate light pink and sometimes almost purplish flower is actually native to New Hampshire. It looks just as it sounds like a slipper that belongs to a woman. According to the state of New Hampshire website, the Pink Lady’s Slipper grows in the “moist wooded areas of the state”. It is only the thick woods that allow those delicate flowers to grow in the wild. You can go hiking anywhere through the woods of New Hampshire and find the Pink Lady’s Slipper striving to survive along with all the other underbrush. But remember if you do go hiking watch out for tick and other bugs. Even though the Pink Lady’s Slipper isn’t exactly New Hampshire State Flower, it was added as a state wildflower.

The real New Hampshire State Flower is of course the Purple Lilac. It’s botanical name being Syringa Vulgaris. This particular flower was brought to New Hampshire from England. Specifically it was brought and put into the yard of the Governor in seventeen hundred and fifty. It was there in Portsmouth New Hampshire that Governor Benning Wentworth had the Purple Lilac planted in his yard. Not until nineteen hundred and nineteen was it made the official New Hampshire State Flower, yet it was not as easy as it sounds to settle on that particular flower. There were many debates about several flowers that were thought to be the State Flower. Some of which include the mayflower, the apple blossom, buttercup, primrose, purple aster, wood lily and a few others. Finally they picked the Purple Lilac because it represented the strong character of the people of the State.

The Purple Lilac and the Pink Lady’s Slipper are both very precious flowers and have both become New Hampshire State Flowers. Each representing the new and old order of the world, New Hampshire did select the two best.

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