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Mountain blue flower

If you’ve moved from the flat lands to the mountains and are having a hard time with your garden, you should try looking into a few flowers that might better grow in the area and climate where you are living. Flowers are very particular about their surrounds and require different amounts of sun, water, cold, warm or hot air as well as different types of soil with certain nutrients and toxicity. Some plants you have brought with you to transplant on the higher altitude, may not survive either. You might want to look into obtaining plants that are more suitable fore the mountainous range. The Rocky Mountain Pensternon and Baby Snapdragon are just some types of Mountain blue flower to start out your new garden.

The Rocky Mountain Pensternon, Penstemon strictus, is a beautiful bluish purple flower that loves the mountain range. This perennial can adapt to any soil and grows to be about three feet. They bloom in mid-summer. You cannot eat them, so don’t try and make tea out of the leaves or petals. This Mountain blue flower needs full sun, so don’t plant it in the shade. It needs about the normal amount of watering that most plants need, but has to be well-drained also. The Rocky Mountain Pensternon can be planted any time spring, summer or fall. It will bloom only after the first winter in the ground. An arid environment will allow the plant to grow happily. Like all other perennials, the Rocky Mountain Pensternon grows from its own seeding. Do not worry this plant is not invasive, endangered and doesn’t have any medicinal properties.

Another fun flower to start out in your Mountain blue flower garden is the Baby Snapdragon or Toadflax, Linaria maroccana. It doesn’t even reach two feet in height when it grows. The bud is like tiny iris flowers and come in several colors other than blue such as, red, pink, purple, white, and bi-colors. These flowers are annuals. If you are lucky, the flower will grow again the next year if the seeds of the plant can fall on bare ground. The Baby Snapdragon always dies with the first frost of the year. It blooms in the spring and mid summer. Like the Rocky Mountain Pensternon flower, the Baby Snapdragon is not invasive, endangered, or edible. And there are no herbal or medicinal uses from the plant or flower. It prefers loose or sandy soil and needs full sun and sometime light shade as well. The Baby Snapdragon is adaptable to any conditions so it will work well in the mountains. As a wildflower it is very easy to grow and will make a great start your mountain blue flower garden.

If you are seeking more information concerning the types of flowers or plants that would be best to grow in your area, the local library is also a good place to find out about wildflowers. These two flowers are just the right ones to start planting your mountain blue flower garden.

Corner Corner