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Mexican garden flowers

Are you interested in making your garden into a Mexican garden? Then here are some tips on a few great Mexican garden flowers. These are beautiful choices of flowers that will make any garden look like an authentic Mexican garden. Here is a list of the few flowers you should research more about and go purchase. They are the Mexican sunflower, Mexican flame vine, yellow alder, butterfly vine, and firecracker pant. These vibrant, colored plants will get you started on your way to having the perfect Mexican garden flowers. Now here is some important information to get your garden started.

The Mexican sunflower has several different names. The botanical name is Tithonia rotundifolia. The rest of it nicknames are Fiesta Del Sol, Goldfinger, Yellow Touch, Sundance, and Aztec Sun. This beautiful flower comes in all shades of oranges. Mexican sunflowers just need sunlight and regular watering. They are fragrant and bloom until fall. The best part is that, the plant easily reseeds itself during flowering. And like most plants, keep slugs away from them.

Mexican flame vine is another one of the great Mexican garden flowers. Its botanist name is Senecio confusus. This is a vibrant orange like daisy that will accent your garden perfectly. It is an ideal flowering plant for hiding unseemly fences, or climbing up any structure. The Mexican flame vine loves the sun and attracts butterflies too. Benefits include its easy to care fore, free of bugs and even can tolerate a few days without water and it will appear again in the spring. One thing to watch out for is that it can over take any spot of ground it touches, so give it plenty of room. It can also come with red flowers if you buy the Sao Paulo version of the flower.

The next best of the Mexican garden flowers is the beautiful yellow alder, the Turnera ulmifolia. You can find this flower in the market sold under the names of buttercup or sage rose. The yellow alder produces new flowers daily. It’s a perennial and likes shade only after it is hotter than eight-five degrees. One downside to these beautiful flowers is that they are very sensitive to freezing. They need adequate watering, slightly acidic soil and some fertilizing.

The last of the great Mexican garden flowers is the firecracker plant, botanist name Russelia equisetiformis, also known as the fountain bush. A fun thing about this plant is that it attracts hummingbirds to its beautiful flowers. It continually blooms little scarlet bells of flowers. It needs water only when it is dry and needs a fair amount of sunlight, but not too much as it is not really heat-tolerant. And it needs shade in the afternoon. A bit of fertilization will help it grow faster. The firecracker plant will add a bit of elegance to your brightly colored garden. There are many more Mexican garden flowers, but these are just a few to help you get started in making a more authentic Mexican garden.

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