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The art of gardening is more than just having a beautifully taken-care-of yard with flowers and other plants. Gardening can be many things wrapped up into one. Gardening can be a hobby, an exercise, or a therapeutic activity that provides food and aesthetic pleasures. There are many types of gardens, such as herb, cactus, vegetable, rose or wildflower gardens. Types can also include Zen gardens, French formal gardens, Chinese gardens and Japanese gardens. Gardens cross over through time and cultures, each culture or people having their own touch to growing garden flowers or gardens without flowers. Whether displaying your wealth or participating in an art form, gardening is something that has never disappeared from our world. Here are a bunch of fun facts about gardens in our culture and history of different gardens.

Great news for those who love to work in their garden: it is considered a type of exercise to garden. According to the website gardenfitness.com, when you garden between thirty to forty-five minutes several times a week you receive great health benefits. Such benefits include stronger and healthier bones, joints and muscles. And the activities that gardening requires, like weeding, digging, trimming, mowing the lawn are about the same exercise as walking, swimming or other aerobic activities. So when you are out among your garden flowers, you will find that you are burning calories without having to do the mundane usual exercise activities.

Gardens have been around along time and there are even famous gardens of ancient times. Ancient Rome was covered in gardens and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon are another famous example of ancient gardens. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were built in Persia and said to be a wonder of the world. In Rome, it was only the wealthiest of the Romans that were able to afford the luxury of extensive villa gardens. These gardens were filled with water, garden flowers and shaded arcades, evidence which came from the archeological sites found like Hadrian’s Villa. Other gardens are seen as an art form. Many cultures have used it to flaunt their wealth or prove their patience. For example the Japanese required monks and samurai to build and maintain gardens. As for the French and English, they would create elaborate geometrically and symmetrical shaped lines into their gardens as a status symbol of wealth and power. Such examples include the Versailles in France, which is a formal garden mixture of garden flowers, gravel, stone, water, turf, trees and sculptures. These elaborate gardens are not only stunningly beautiful, but continue to attract tourist and seem to stand the test of time.

Gardening is not something small, but a big part of living on Earth. Wherever you go, across the country, to the nearest towns, to exotic places around the world, you will always find gardens. Gardening appeals to everyone in all its forms, historically, culturally, and currently. While looking for the right garden flowers for your yard and home, you can find much more information that will get you started in the right direction.

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